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Name Maturity period Botanical Name Family Parts Used Medicinal Use
Amla 4th Year Emblica officinalis Euphorbiaceac Fruit Vitamin - C, Cough , Diabetes, cold, Laxativ, hyper acidity.
Ashok 10 years onward Saraca Asoca Caesalpinanceac Bark Flower Menstrual Pain, uterine, disorder, Deiabetes.
Aswagandha One year Withania Somnifera Solanaccac Root, Leafs Restorative Tonic, stress, nerves disorder, aphrodiasiac.
Bael / Bilva After 4-5 year Aegle marmelous Rutaccac Fruit, Bark Diarrrhoea, Dysentry, Constipation.
Bhumi Amla with in one year Phyllanthous amarus euphorbiaccac Whole Plant Aenimic, jaundice, Dropsy.
Brahmi one year Bacopa,Monnieri Scrophulariaccac Whole plant Nervous, Memory enhancer,mental disorder.
Chiraita one year. Swertia Chiraita Gentianaccac Whole Plant Skin Desease, Burning, censation, fever.
Gudmar / madhunasini Four year Gymnema Sylvestre Asclepiadaccac Leaves Diabetes, hydrocil, Asthama.