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Axico Ayurveda Company Profile

Axico Ayurveda

Company Profile

Axico Ayurveda is the name of the Ayurvedic Vertical of Axico HealthCare Pvt Ltd. working since 2012 with a mission to become one of the best Health Solution provider in world. Being a proud part of MS Group of Companies we are committed to work in society for noble causes in a professional way. Established in Y 1997 MS Institute of Education Pvt Ltd. has become a baron in the field of Distance Education. Operating with our 3000 Pan India Centers we are providing education solutions for working / non-working professionals through distance education. Taking one more leap forward we entered into Books Publication with about 180 titles of text books in our name.

Starting our journey from Education, we have diversified to other segments, to which we feel are essential part for a growing nation and a developing society. We have a strong perception that health and information plays an important part in the spectrum of essential factors for growth of a developed society. Our this thought line guided us to establish Axico Healthcare in health & Jan-Media Publications in the field of Mass Communication. Our magazine & news portal registered their noticeable presence for their sincere work in the field.

Our determination for service with a lion’s share in the noble fields, has took us one step ahead in the field of health & became the guiding light for the establishment of Axico Healthcare Pvt Ltd. By this we are able to address the very basic need and challenge of human society ie health. The thirst of becoming better and maximizing our reach, has become the foundation of AXICO AYURVEDA. Since 2012 we are working tirelessly with a goal to become a game changer in the field of health through our ancient Ayurveda. To increase the impact level of traditional Ayurveda Practise we have adopted the phyto science approach & added Fifty four products in our range considering all the major ailing segments. Being based on Phyto & Nano technology their results are more effective. Quality in basic raw material & system of processing is the main pillar of our product’s effectiveness. Moreover, we strongly believe in the baseline of Ayurveda that “Preventives shall always prevail Correctives”. Our complete range has been designed and formulated on this basic principle of Ancient Indian Medical System. Our products are based on phyto-active principles titrated to contain the right therapeutic concentrations that makes them highly effective and at the same time safe and affordable.

With an integrated and advanced e-commerce platform and a vision of “Vocal for Local” we are get set to penetrate Indian market in first phase and the global presence will be our next target. Powered by the surge of vison, mission, commitment, promise, R&D and team, we are confident that this goal will be reached in its closed time.

We always follow the guideline of our Founder & MD Mr. Pawan Singhal that “doing things differently is more important than doing different things”.

Our products correspond to Highest Quality Standards, as state of art scientific methods are used in formulation and development with special emphasis on free from synthetic additives & preservatives, high efficacy, safety & reliability.

Our Vision


To become the globally recognised business organisation in the field of health solutions enrouted thru internationally established sustainable development goals & clarion call of "Atmanirbhar Bharat".

Our Mission


To ensure healthy lives, well being & financial independence of our members, partners & customers by highest quality, scientifically proven, clinically researched products along with innovative and best business opportunities.