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What is Phyto Science ?
Phyto Science comprises scientific study of use of medicinal plants and their bioactive compounds. It owns the pride of integration of disciplines that never have been linked before.It has combined the diverse areas of political, economic and social fields, chemisty, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology,medicine and agriculture.

History of Phyto Science
To trace the history of phytotherapy is to trace the history of mankind itself. Primitive people first used plants as food and as a result of this ingestion, the link with some plant properties would have been learnt. Medicinal plants were the main source of products used to sustain health until ninetheenth century but thereafter the synthetic compounds took their place and found good space in health sector till they were found to have dire impact on health in addition to which they were taken for.

Future of Phyto Science
In recent years there has been an increasing interest worldwide in the use of medicines derived from plants or phytomedicines as health supplement or alternative therapies for the treatment of diseases in both developing and developed countries.It is estimated that 25% of all medicines contain plant derivatives & use plant products as their base material for many semi synthetic drugs. Systematic studies of effect of herbal medicines on immune system is in process to attain an evidence based scientific knowledge for the use of traditional medicinal herbs.

What are Phytochemicals ?
The non-nutritive plant chemicals possessing disease preventive properties are called Phytochemicals. They are not essential as nutrients but provide a shield to human beings against diseases and body malfunctionings. Basically they provide armour to plant against natural or man initiated challenges but also found helpful for preventing humanbeings from varioue diseases.